Seychelles Marine National Park was created in 1973 to protect a group of 6 islands laying only 5 kilometers from Victoria, the capital city of the Seychelles. It is the South Western Indian Ocean’s first marine protected area.


Accessible only by the sea, Seychelles Marine Park provides a unique concentration of underwater ecosystems. It protects coral gardens, but also one of the largest areas of sea grass meadows in the granitic bank of the Seychelles.


In the warm waters surrounding the islands, snorkelers can observe a large number of fish species, including manta rays, which are regular visitors to the area from April to December.

The National Park perimeter is large (more than 14km²) and almost all the shallow and calm areas can be explored. Seagrass beds, fringing and patch reefs offer an ample and diverse array of snorkeling opportunities. 

The seagrass meadows provide habitat for the green sea turtles that are seen frequently in the Park. They are pretty rare in the Seychelles, contrary to hawksbill sea turtles, very common in many areas, especially in La Digue and surrounding islands. 

In reef areas, quality of the coral beds is variable, but you will swim among hundreds of fishes. They are not feared of humans, allowing that fishing is prohibited since more than 40 years in the area. Semicircle angelfish, steephead parrotfish and oriental sweetlips, among many others, are easy to see and get close to.


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