Departing from Victoria, just 5 km (3 miles) off the coast of Mahé is the oldest marine reserve in the Seychelles, named for its largest island, Sainte Anne. Besides this island and the surrounding lagoon, the park is home to Moyenne Island, Round Island, Long Island, Cerf Island, Ile Cachée, and shallow ocean waters. In total, the park covers 14.43 km² (5.6 sq. miles), and consists mostly of coral reef.

Around 40,000 tourists visit the park every year, which equates to approximately one third of all Seychelles visitors.

​Tourists flock to the park for its extensive flora and fauna, as well as its excellent diving and snorkeling conditions. With a little luck, visitors can spot eagle rays, pipefish, sea turtles, and sometimes even bottlenose dolphins.

The park's best snorkeling spots, in the Sainte Anne Channel between Sainte Anne and Moyenne, are home to over 150 species of marine life, while the reefs here are vivid and colourful. Besides the reefs themselves, you can also see flat sections just below the water surface, including granite rocks with coral growing on them, seaweed beds, sandy plains, and other interesting underwater formations. 

A group of 8 small islands is declared as the marine park to preserve the local wildlife. Those who love snorkelling and diving must come here. Vibrant reefs and rich variety of marine life make it an interesting place to explore. Glass-bottom boating tours are also loved by tourists. Different luxury resorts are scattered across the islands and provide accommodations with excellent amenities. You can easily combine spending leisurely time with exciting adventures while visiting Sainte Anne Marine National Park.


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